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Nurses with Tomah Health's Women's Health Services pose with new mom bags

Tomah Health Receives New Mom Bags

New mothers delivering their baby at Tomah Health are receiving some special support thanks to a local parent leadership group.

Tomah Health Women’s Health Services registered nurses (left-right) Becky Haugrud, Paige Woggon and  Women’s Health Services Director Carrie Lord, recently received a donation of ‘new mom bags’ from Nicole Crego (second from right) and Catey Rice (far right) recently.

Crego, a 4K teacher at Tomah’s LaGrange Elementary School said the donation was part of a project that she and Rice completed through Supporting Families Together Association (SFTA). Crego said The Parenting Place received a grant through SFTA to fund the new mom bags which contain diapers, wipes, a board book, lip balm, a hand-written note from a fellow mom, and a folder of local parenting resources. “We wanted to let new moms know that there is support out there for mothers at all stages of parenthood,” Crego said.  All moms who deliver at Tomah Health will receive one of the bags.

Crego said they used grant monies to fund the project, and are currently seeking donations from the community to not only continue it, but to expand the effort to provide additional resources for new moms in the area.

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