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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Greg Gaarder headshot
Greg Gaarder,
Keith Laugen headshot
Keith Laugen,
Vice Chairman
B. Scott Nicol headshot
B. Scott Nicol,
Deb Buswell headshot
Deb Buswell,


Beth Arity headshot
Beth Arity
Sue Playter Mubarak headshot
Sue Playter Mubarak
Diana Gerke headshot
Diana Gerke
Wes Revels headshot
Wes Revels
Tiffany Casper, D.O. headshot
Tiffany Casper, DO (Medical Staff President)
Robert Holness, M.D. headshot
Robert Holness, MD

Our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Derek Daly is designated by a management contract with HealthTech*.

HealthTech and the Tomah Health Board of Directors select the Chief Executive Officer who handles day-to-day operations at the hospital.

Two Administrative Team members work directly with the CEO. They are the Chief Financial Officer Joe Zeps and Chief Nursing Officer Tracy Myhre.

In addition to the management structure, there are liaison roles with the Hospital Foundation and the Medical Staff. The CEO is responsible for maintaining that liaison and utilizing hospital support staff to facilitate common goals.

* Additional information on HealthTech can be found here.

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