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Tomah Health Community Foundation

Rural healthcare facilities find it increasingly difficult to meet the financial burdens associated with healthcare. The Tomah Health Community Foundation was originally formed as a non-profit organization, following a successful hospital building campaign in 1993 to assist the hospital in providing the healthcare essential to the community and for future generations.

Today, the Tomah Health Community Foundation operates as a 501 (c) 3 corporation to support healthcare and wellness programs throughout Monroe County.

Information regarding donations made to the foundation or requests for financial support can be made by contacting Foundation ex-officio Eric Prise at (608) 377-8686 or

Officials with the Tomah Health Community Foundation are enthusiastic about a special event designed to support future health care professionals. For the last 16 years, the foundation has held its nonevent fundraising effort that has raised more than $85,000 to support future health care providers. To donate, use the 2024 Non Event Donation Form HERE




Tomah Health Community Foundation Board of Directors
Brian Eirschele (President)
Jeremy Haldeman (Vice President)
Deb Welch (Treasurer)
Erin Dawley (Secretary)
Alex Egstad
Jenny McCoy
Dustin Powell
Kyle VonHaden
Derek Daly – Tomah Health (Chief Executive Officer)
Eric Prise – Tomah Health  (Marketing / PR Director)

Tomah Health