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Physical Examinations

Pre-Employment Physical Exam

  • Pre-placement examinations to confirm overall health and ability to perform essential job functions.

Hazmat Physical Exam

  • A medical examination shall include complete health history as well as work history with special emphasis on symptoms that relate to hazardous substances or health hazards. This examination includes determining if the patient is able to wear PPE (personal protective equipment), including but not limited to respirators under extreme conditions.

DOT Physical Exams

  • Covers both pre-employment and recertification exams and also includes a urine dip analysis.

Fitness for Duty Physical

  • A physical exam that helps establish if an employee has made an adequate recovery following personal illness or injury.

Pulmonary Function Tests/Respirator Clearance

  • Measures airway function and is used as a screening test to indicate the presence of pulmonary disease.  This test is also used to clear an employee for respirator use.

Electrocardiogram (EKG)

  • A simple and fast test used to evaluate the electrical activity of the heart.  Electrodes (patches that stick to the skin) are placed on the skin which displays and records the hearts electrical activity.

Workman’s Comp

  • Focus on post-injury treatment and rehabilitation to encourage employee healing, while keeping workers’ compensation, employee absenteeism and health care costs to a minimum.

Audiometric Screening

  • Hearing screening for employees to meet OSHA and MSHA regulations. Trained and certified staff can test and track hearing of the employees to comply with Hearing Conservation Program requirements and help limit potential noise hazards.

Military Health Physicals

  • Our provider can perform periodic health assessments and mental health assessments. Other services included may be audiogram, vision screen, labs, EKGs, immunizations as well as other requested services.

Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure

  • An occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogen will be evaluated and treated.  This will also include education and future lab tests if necessary.

Imaging Services

  • Medical imaging is available for diagnostic services to assist with any workers’ compensation and pre-employment visits.

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