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Volunteer Opportunities



Do you have an interest in healthcare? In helping people? In staying connected with your community? Then becoming a hospital volunteer might be for you!

Gift Shop Volunteer– this is a very social area to volunteer and is near the front entrance on the 1st floor. Patients, visitors, and staff come to the Gift Shop for many reasons. They may be getting a gift for a new grandchild, or they may have just found out a parent needs to go to Hospice and want something cheery to put in their room. The Gift Shop often becomes a place for people to “get away” and escape the day’s stressors. As a volunteer, you may help give them that little cheer or pick-me-up they need.

For more information about applying to become a Tomah Health Volunteer in the Gift Shop, please visit Volunteer Opportunity- Human Resources. 


Hospice Volunteer– Tomah Health Hospice Touch Volunteers provide essential support, from patient companionship to office tasks. Every volunteer is a valuable member of the Hospice team and necessary to providing quality services to those in our communities.

For more information about Hospice Volunteering, please visit: Becoming a Hospice Volunteer.


Current High-Priority Volunteer Opportunities:

Hospice Garden Club Volunteers

Do you have a green thumb and love gardening or volunteering? If so, apply to become a Garden Club Volunteer at Tomah Health’s Serenity House.

We seek creative and responsible individuals to help plant and maintain flowers, trees, and green spaces on the property while keeping the area beautiful for patients and visitors.

We would love our volunteers to have the following skill base:

  • Confident, Creative and Responsible Individual
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Problem-solving skills

Responsibilities Include:

• Plant and maintain seasonal plants; watering and feeding plants
• Mulch, edge, and weed gardens
• Prune and trim trees and bushes
• Maintain all gardening equipment
• Monitor and maintain the health of plants
• Deal with pest problems that could damage plants
• Keep gardens and green spaces clear of debris and litter

Contact Hospice Touch, and ask for the Volunteer Coordinator for more information on how to apply at 608-374-0250.


Hospice Veteran Volunteers

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