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Tomah Health Featured in WI Hospital Quality Report

As a part of an annual quality report released by the Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA), Tomah Health has been highlighted for its Patient Feedback program in 2021.

Shelly Egstad

Tomah Health Quality / Risk / Compliance Director Shelly Egstad, MASL, RN said the hospital along with its physicians, nurses and healthcare professionals, is strongly committed to consistently providing quality care to its patients and improving care through projects like the Patient Feedback program.

“Patient feedback is vital to our improvement efforts at Tomah Health,” said Egstad. “Hearing from our patients allows us to complete rapid cycle improvements and make our hospital an even better place.”

Despite the many challenges the COVID-19 pandemic presented to Wisconsin’s hospitals, Egstad said Tomah Health remained committed to improving the quality of care for patients in the area.

WHA officials reported Wisconsin’s hospitals again outranked the rest of the nation, as demonstrated by measures reported in the 2022 WHA Quality Report.

“Hospitals demonstrated their focus to reduce preventable hospital admissions and readmissions, reduce the occurrence of adverse health care infections, and reduce overall patient harm—all of which are at the cornerstone of high-quality patient care in Wisconsin,” said WHA Chief Quality Officer Nadine Allen.

“This year’s WHA Quality Report demonstrates the long-standing commitment of Wisconsin’s hospitals to providing high-quality, patient-centered care while improving access to care for patients and addressing the need to reduce and eliminate health care disparities,” Allen added.

The 2022 WHA Quality Report tracks quality improvement collaborations, initiatives and outcomes throughout the state, focused on topics ranging from reducing readmissions and falls to preventing health care-associated infections. It also features a showcase of successful quality improvement projects from Wisconsin hospitals during the past year.

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