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Stress Injuries

Get Relief from Repetitive Stress Injuries

Stress injuries occur when too much stress is placed on the same body part, over and over. The joints don’t have a chance to recover, resulting in pain and swelling, muscle strain or tissue damage.

Don’t let a stress injury get you down. The orthopedic experts at Tomah Health will use the latest surgical technologies and expert medical care to diagnosis and treat your injury as well as work closely with our Rehabilitation Department to provide you a stronger and faster recovery.

Our orthopedic team specializes in arthroscopic and minimally invasive surgery to treat:

  • Ganglion cysts (knot-like lump below the skin surface)
  • Trigger finger
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Tennis elbow

For more information on Stress Injury treatment and procedures, contact our Specialty Clinic at 608-374-0229.

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