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Discover Unexpected Ways to Drink More Water

A woman in a kitchen holding a glass of water

(BPT) – A whopping 96 percent of Americans believe that they should be drinking more water, according to a International Bottled Water Association survey. Celebrity health and wellness coach Kathy Kaehler agrees, because she encounters hydration issues all the time with her clients.

“I’ve heard so many excuses about why people don’t drink enough water,” Kaehler says. “Yet hydration is so important for managing calorie intake, keeping skin bright and clear, and maintaining overall health and wellness goals.”

Luckily, increasing your water intake is not as difficult as you may think. Here are a few of Kaehler’s easy and unexpected ways to drink more water:

Bubbles make water exciting.
A sparkling water maker transforms ordinary water into sparkling water in seconds, making it more fun to drink and helping to boost water intake. An anecdotal study Kaehler conducted revealed that consumers increased their water consumption by 46 percent when they had a SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker in their home. Reinforcing this result, a recent survey by Toluna Research showed that those with a sparkling water maker at home consume 43 percent more water (three more glasses of water and water-based drinks per day), as well as 54 percent less sugary soda, than those without one.

Spruce it up.
Add some flavor to your flat or sparkling water with fresh fruit or veggies, like lemon, cucumber or berries. Kaehler loves adding grapefruit juice and fresh grapefruit to her sparkling water for a delicious, water-based beverage with an added boost of Vitamin C.

Balance out your happy hour.
If you enjoy drinks after work, be smart about it. Swap every other drink for a glass of flat or carbonated water to keep hydration levels up.

Accomplish the task with tech.
There are plenty of apps available that track health and fitness goals – from steps trackers to sleep monitors. Hydration apps can help remind you to consume water throughout the day and track your consumption. Not up for an app? Set an hourly alarm on your phone as a reminder to refill.

Drinking water shouldn’t be a chore. With these easy-to-apply tips, you will guzzle more H2O, enjoy doing so, and reap water’s many benefits for a healthier, more hydrated you.

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