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Tomah Health Welcomes First Baby of 2023

Tomah Health kicked off the New Year by welcoming its first baby Jan. 1.

Angelin Pineda Martinez, daughter of Paula Martinez Lopez and Johnny Pineda Pedilla of Norwalk was the first baby born at Tomah Health in 2023 arriving Jan. 1 at 11:53 p.m..

The couple said they were very surprised that their daughter was the first baby of 2023. “Yes, great emotion and beyond compare,” Paula said via an interpreter. “We were very proud and couldn’t wait to have her here,” she added.

Both Paula and Johnny said they were looking forward to taking Angelin home and joining the rest of their family. “Everything has been great, they (staff) looked after us with a lot of kindness,” Paula said of the delivery at Tomah Health. “It’s great joy and I hope to be the best dad for her,” Johnny added.

As the first baby born in 2023, the couple received a gift basket from Women’s Health Services at Tomah Health.



Tomah Health Women’s Health registered nurse Rachel Hansen left, and graduate nurse Logan Larsen, presented a gift basket to Johnny Pineda Pedilla and Paula Martinez Lopez of Norwalk parents of Angelin Pineda Martinez. Angelin was the first baby born at Tomah Health in 2023.


Hospital marketing and public relations director Eric Prise said 237 babies were born at Tomah Health last year including 120 girls and 117 boys. He said 284 babies were born in 2021.

As for the most popular names in 2022, Prise said there was a tie for the top girl name including, Amelia, Eden, Ella, Ellie, Madelynn and Maeve. He said the top boy name was Grayson, followed closely by Avery, Carter, Connor, Declan, Isaac, Oliver and Weston.

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