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Tomah Health Reinstates Mask Requirements Dec. 5



Tomah Health is requiring all visitors to wear a mask beginning Monday, Dec. 5. The hospital had lifted masking requirements back in September when COVID and respiratory illnesses were declining.

Hospital Chief Nursing Officer Tracy Myhre, MSN, RN, said the masking requirement is necessary due to an increase in respiratory illnesses. “We have seen a growing number of patients with respiratory conditions, including influenza which has prompted us to again require masking at all our locations, including the hospital, our Warrens Clinic and Hospice Touch / Life Choices Palliative Care facility in Tomah,” said Myhre.

She said there is no change in the number of visitors allowed at Tomah Health locations.

Myhre said it is critical for everyone to do the basics like masking and distancing in public, staying home when you’re sick and washing hands often to help prevent the spread of illnesses. She added that with the continued support from the public, following these recommendations will also help ease pressure on hospital staff.

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