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Tomah Health Hospice Love Light Remembers 500+


A crowd of more than 100 took time to remember loved ones and special friends during the annual Tomah Health Hospice Touch / Life Choices Palliative Care “Love Light Tree” program at Murray’s On Main in Tomah Dec. 4.

“We were very excited to have the program again in person,” said Hospice Touch & Life Choices Palliative Care director Heidi Stalsberg, MSN, RN. “This is a very important ceremony for our community and being in person allows people to remember their loved ones at this special time of the year,” she said. The event had been held virtually for the last two years due to COVID safeguards.

The ceremony included the lighting of a ‘remembrance tree’ plus a special slide presentation acknowledging more than 500 area residents who are no longer with loved ones this holiday.

“This season often times is difficult because holidays and festivities sometimes bring out the worst because we remember all the things were are missing with the people we have lost,” said Hospice chaplain Shane Haynes who offered an opening prayer and closing remarks.

Haynes said the program was a great opportunity to remember the positives and joy even during the holidays. “We can only do so much apart,” Haynes said of the live event. “We are wired to be together and to have that fellowship and camaraderie and this kind of an event does that.”

Haynes said for people who are grieving it is important to take one-step at a time. “A lot of times we try to bite off more than we can chew when it comes to the grieving process. It’s good to remember to take one day at a time and take each day as it comes and look at the joys and blessings and the sadness.” He also suggested that people should seek out friends to be with during the holidays.

Special Thanks to Mike Murray of Murray’s on Main for his contribution and hosting the event

Hospice Touch / Live Choices Palliative Care has held a Love Light event in Tomah the last 32 years.



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