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Tomah Health Highlighted in Statewide Community Benefit Report

Tomah Health community contributions were featured in a new report released by the Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA). Showcasing the many ways hospitals give back to the communities they serve, the 2022 WHA Community Benefits Report found that Wisconsin’s nonprofit hospitals collectively provided nearly $2 billion in community benefits in fiscal year 2021.

“As vital members of the communities we serve, the release of this important report underscores that the services provided by Wisconsin hospitals don’t stop at simply patient care,” said WHA President and CEO Eric Borgerding.

“The 2022 Community Benefit Report offers an important reminder that hospitals continue to be there for people when no one else is. Even when a service loses money or generates no revenue at all, or when hospitals lose hundreds of millions of dollars taking care of Medicaid patients, the uninsured and those no one else will help. Wisconsin hospitals and health systems consistently step up to the plate and offer crucial services in their communities every minute of every hour of every day,” Borgerding said.

The report also documents how Wisconsin hospitals and health systems add vitality to their communities by educating patients and their caregivers on health-related topics, raising awareness of injury- and disease-prevention practices and helping to ensure the nutritional needs of disadvantaged children and families are met.

Tomah Health community initiatives featured in the WHA report included Tomah Health emergency staff teaching children stress relief at this year’ National Night Out, and how hospital Nutrition Services developed a picture menu for Afghan guests. “Both projects were examples of how Tomah Health and our staff values the needs of our community and provides resources to keep area residents healthy,” said Tomah Health marketing director Eric Prise.

The WHA 2022 Community Benefits Report highlighted individual hospital stories related to charity care, workforce, COVID-19 efforts, health equity and hospital-supported initiatives.
The entire report as well as an interactive map featuring community benefit stories organized by region and hospital name is available online, CLICK HERE 





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