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Your Admission Registration Process

All of our patients are important. When you walk through our door, whether you are an inpatient or an outpatient, the Hospital Admissions Department is available to assist you with registration and payment counseling.

Registration is processed in a centralized location to ensure that essential information is obtained. Many scheduled services at Tomah Health are pre-registered for your convenience by your health care provider. This allows our patients to complete the final registration process in a more timely manner.

Tomah Health encourages obstetrical patients who will deliver their baby in the Women’s Birth Center to pre-register. Pre-registration can be done with Women’s Health Services the Admissions Department or with the Financial Counselor. Patients who do not have insurance are encouraged to schedule an appointment in Financial Counseling so that information on the State of Wisconsin Medical Assistance Program or other options can be discussed.

The Financial Counselor, with experience in financial healthcare, is available to meet with you to discuss options in meeting your financial obligations to the Hospital.

How can you assist in the registration process?

  • Check with your health care provider to be sure they are scheduling your appointment with the appropriate Hospital department
  • Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment
  • Bring your insurance identification cards, any necessary insurance forms, a photo identification, a military identification, social security card and any other pertinent information

Did you know?

Tomah Health will bill your secondary insurance coverage

Your satisfaction is important to us and our registration staff is here to assist in your care at Tomah Health.

We hope that our registration process meets your needs. For more information on registration and payment counseling, call (608) 372-2181.

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