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Inpatient Services

Your Room

Your room includes a bedside stand, for your belongings such as toiletries, an over bed table and a nurse call button which rings at the nurses’ station. Your bed has an electrical control enabling you to raise or lower the foot or head for comfort. There is an emergency button in your bathroom should you require assistance.

Please feel free to contact our staff for any special requests such as reading material, newspaper, magazine, etc. that you may desire.


The hospital offers cable television. There is no charge for this service. For your safety and in accordance with government regulations, no personal TV sets, radios, cell phones, or CB radios may be used in the hospital. Only battery operated radios are permitted.

Food and Nutrition Services

The Nutrition Services Department provides you with nutritious meals, as diet is important in your recovery. Your physician has prescribed the diet best suited for your recovery. For your convenience, a daily menu is delivered and collected by our staff. Certain food items may be excluded from the menu you receive in accordance with the restrictions of your diet.

A registered dietician is available to answer any questions you may have regarding your food or diet. If you encounter any problem with your food or the services, please bring it to the attention of our staff, which will contact the Nutrition Services Department.


Assistance to overcome language barriers is available. Check with your nurse for assistance.

Nursing Care

A professional team of clinical specialists, registered nurses and nursing assistants provides patient-focused care around the clock throughout your hospital stay. Tomah Health provides a multidisciplinary approach to direct patient care based on your physician’s orders and is tailored to your individual needs. The nursing staff collaborates with you and your family as well as other health care professionals on issues related to your health and wellbeing.

Patient Education

Please place any educational materials you may receive in the Patient Education Folder provided for reference and safekeeping. Please ask the nurse caring for you if you have any questions about your care or would like additional educational materials.

Concerns During Your Hospitalization

At Tomah Health your satisfaction with all care provided is important to us. Should you or your family members experience concerns about the care you are receiving, you may contact the Quality/Compliance Coordinator and discuss any issues that did not meet your expectations. You may call the Quality/Compliance Coordinator during your hospitalization or after you are discharged. We encourage you to voice your opinion regarding the care you have received, and we welcome your comments.

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