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Tomah Health’s Rehab FOTO Score Reflect Great Outcomes

Rehabilitation Services director Tim Kortbein and Rehab Services coordinator Emily Wall report that rehabilitation patients at Tomah Health continue to have great outcomes and in a shorter amount of time compared to patients in facilities worldwide.

FOTO is a nationwide outcomes database that allows our rehab providers to use technology to individualize care to our patients thereby determining what their main limitations are so that our staff can design a treatment program that is individualized to them and then measure the outcomes as they go through rehab toward discharge.

The latest data from Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes (FOTO) through Dec. 2022 indicates:

  • Our orthopedic elbow patients had better outcomes in just 8.17 visits compared with the international average of 10.50 predicted visits ranking us in the top 10% over the past 12 months ending Dec. 2022.
  • For lumbar spine patients, we rank in the top 24% internationally with just 10.46 actual treatment visits compared to 11.11predicted visits.
  • Our women’s health / urinary incontinence patient outcomes verified we are in the top 7% percent internationally with just 3.95 actual visits compared to 7.94 predicted visits for our peers.
  • Our vertigo patient outcomes also placed us in the top 21% with just 4.35 actual visits compared to 6.61 visits for our peers internationally.

(The Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes Database includes 4,000 clinics and 20,000 Rehab Clinicians worldwide, which validates the statistical significance of this database).


With the ongoing training of our staff with the best possible equipment and technology, at Tomah Health we strive daily to ensure the highest outcomes for your patients. Offering support and services close to home. To Learn More About Our Rehab Services, visit Rehabilitation Services | Tomah Health

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