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Tomah Health Welcomes First Baby of 2024

Emma Claycomb, daughter of Chris and Mirissa Claycomb of Tomah was the first baby born at Tomah Health in 2024 arriving Jan. 5 at 8:28 a.m.

It took a little longer than past years, but Tomah Health has recorded its first baby of the New Year.
Chris and Mirissa Claycomb of Tomah are the proud parents of Emma Claycomb who arrived Jan. 5 at 8:28 a.m. weighing 6 pounds 11.8 oz and measured 19 inches long.
The couple said they were very surprised that their daughter was the first baby of 2024. “I was definitely shocked cause being a planned cesarean, I didn’t think she was going to be the first baby,” said Mirissa. “It’s pretty incredible,” Chris added. “I definitely didn’t expect that being the fifth of January. I figured it would be like Jan. 1.”
It is the second child for the Tomah couple who already has a son. “He actually got to meet her yesterday and he was pretty excited about meeting her,” said Mirissa.
Chris also had to wait an extra day before meeting his daughter due to a bout with the flu. “My wife was here with her stepmom, and they took good care of her,” explained Chris. “When I was better, I was able to come in and mask up and I was able to see my daughter. Usually, the husband wants to be there. But I just wasn’t able to.”
Both Mirissa and Chris expressed appreciation for their care. “The facilities are great,” said Mirissa. “I personally like Tomah Health. They’re very accommodating and they’re very helpful and the food is good too.”
As the first baby born in 2024, the couple received a gift basket from Women’s Health Services at Tomah Health.

Hospital marketing and public relations director Eric Prise said 224 babies were born at Tomah Health last year, including 127 boys and 97 girls. He said 237 babies were born in 2022. As for the most popular names in 2023, Prise said there was a tie for the top girl’s name including, Eleanor and Olivia. He said there also was a tie for the top boy’s name between Landon and Theodore.


Chris, Emma and Mirissa Claycomb received a gift basket and diapers from Tomah Health Women’s Health licensed practical nurse Dana Freemore and registered nurse Sue Eickelkamp for being the first baby born at the hospital in 2024. Emma arrived Jan. 5.

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