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Tomah Health, Versiti Thank Donors

Officials at Tomah Health and Versiti Blood Center are thanking the support of local blood donors this past year.

According to statistics provided by Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin, 1,322 life-saving blood products were collected from over 450 donors during 12 blood drives held throughout 2023 at Tomah Recreation Park.

“The impact that these drives have on the local blood supply is tremendous and also plays a huge role in the supply across Wisconsin,” said Versiti Blood Center account representative Emalea Cogdill. “While the blood is used to treat local patients first, patients at the over 50 hospital systems that Versiti services across the state are forever grateful for the generous and dedicated donors from the Tomah community.”

Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin is the sole supplier of blood to nearly 50 hospitals in Wisconsin including Tomah Health.

During six, two-day drives held in 2022, officials were able to collect 1,554 blood products from 518 donors.

“Only 5% of the U.S. population actually donates blood so we need every donor to come out whenever they are eligible considering that blood drives are the only way that we can collect products to be given to patients,” Cogdill explained.

Tomah Health marketing director Eric Prise echoed Cogdill’s plea saying area residents continue to realize the importance of donating blood to help facilities like Tomah Health. “Tomah area residents have really answered the call this past year to help with blood shortages,” said Prise. “Officials tell us if just 1% more of Americans donated blood, shortages would disappear.”

Five, two-day blood drives are scheduled this year, including the next drive Feb. 21 & 22.

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