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Tomah Health Reinstates Visitor Restrictions

Due to a continued rise in COVID cases, Tomah Health is putting back in place a number of policies to further protect visitors and hospital staff.

  • Only 2 visitors  per day (24 hrs.) are allowed in our Acute Care, Women’s Health, Emergency, Urgent Care and Surgical Services departments.
    (Visitors must remain in patient rooms).
  • Only 1 visitor is allowed for outpatient appointments.
  • No Visitors under 18 years of age are allowed UNLESS they are a patient or receiving care.
  • Our waiting rooms are not available for visitors once a patient is in a room.
  • No visitors are allowed in our Tomah Health Café.
  • All visitors will be screened and are required to wear a mask.

“Despite closing out Emergency Operations Center and holding our last pandemic committee meeting just over a month ago, COVID cases are unfortunately going in the wrong direction,” Chief Nursing Officer Tracy Myrhe said. “We understand that restrictions have been difficult on our patients, their families and our staff, but truly appreciate all the cooperation, which has enabled us to continue providing safe, quality care,” Myhre said.

She said the hospital’s visitor limitations are determined by the availability of staff to care for patients, available beds, amount of supplies needed on a daily basis and cases of COVID in the area.

Myhre also strongly encouraged everyone to wear a mask and to get a COVID vaccination.

For Vaccination Information, CLICK HERE.

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