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COVID-19 Doesn’t Stop a Tomah Health Birthday Celebration

Becky Johnson said COVID-19 was not going to stop her family from celebrating the arrival of her granddaughter at Tomah Health. “My son Austin Van Stedum and Autumn Curington gave birth to our first granddaughter Blakeleigh Joan March 31,” Johnson said.

A Tomah residents holds a sign to welcome the birth of her niece
Madison Johnson holds a sign outside Tomah Health to welcome the birth of her niece who was born at Tomah Health March 31.

Due to COVID-19, visitors were limited to just one person in the Women’s Health Services Dept. at Tomah Health something that Johnson of Warrens said they totally understood. “We understand why we couldn’t be there,” said Johnson. “First off, thank you for keeping all the employees and patients safe during this- but nothing was going to stop us from being there in some way to support our growing family,” she added.

Johnson said her daughter, Madison made a sign and held it outside Tomah Health. “Thinking she was going to deliver soon we grabbed the sign, found out which window was theirs and stood out in the rain for them to see. It helped knowing we were there in some way,” Johnson said.

Blakeleigh Joan arrived at Tomah Health March 31 weighing 9 lbs. 4 oz.

“Our patients have been very understanding and appreciative of us doing everything we can to provide the safest care possible during this time of uncertainty,” said Tomah Health Women’s health Services director Carrie Lord, , MSN, RN, RNC-OB.  She said eight babies have been born at Tomah Health since the visitor restriction went in to effect March 23.

Visitor exceptions have been allowed for births, end-of-life care or other specific circumstances. Expecting moms are allowed one support person for births in the Tomah Health Women’s Health Services Department, plus there will be exceptions for those patients who are imminently dying. The restrictions remain in place at Tomah Health.

Hospital marketing & public relations director Eric Prise said various childbirth education materials are available on the hospital’s website for expecting mothers, dads and family members. “Our staff has been communicating with expecting moms to answer questions and provide information before their due date,” Prise said. “It’s another way we are still providing quality care,” Prise added.

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