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Winter Weather Challenges Local Blood Supply, Donate Feb 21-22

Despite a mild period of winter, officials at Tomah Health and Versiti Blood Center are asking the public to help with an urgent need for blood. “Maintaining a stable blood supply all year long is a critical component to the health care of a community,” said Versiti Blood Center account representative Emalea Cogdill. “When harsh weather hits, we can’t wait for it to subside to provide life-saving donations. Blood is needed on the shelves of our community hospitals every day.”

She said collecting and maintaining a stable blood supply continues to be a challenge. “Donations are urged during times of critical need but, we need donors to give continuously all year long, so when weather or other factors do impact collections, our community hospitals aren’t struggling with a low blood supply,” Cogdill said. “Every day patients are relying on blood donations. Generous donors are needed to extend the gift of life to patients in need.”

To help meet the need, Tomah Health and Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin are holding a two-day blood drive Feb. 21 & Feb. 22 from noon – 5 p.m. at Tomah’s Recreation Park, 1625 Butts Ave., Tomah.


To register for a donation time on Feb. 21, CLICK HERE

To register for a donation time on Feb. 22, CLICK HERE

“This is our first drive for 2024 and a great way to start a New Year resolution,” said Tomah Health marketing & public relations director Eric Prise. He recognized Tomah Parks & Recreation director Joe Protz and his staff for use of Recreation Park for the drives.

To donate blood, a person must be in good health, at least 17 years old, weigh at least 110 pounds and have photo identification. Sixteen-year-olds may also donate with parental consent. While the process for whole blood donation usually takes about one hour, the blood collection itself is usually about 10 minutes.

Versiti is the sole supplier of blood to nearly 50 hospitals in Wisconsin including Tomah Health.

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