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Treasured Chests Supports Tomah Health Cancer Patients

Cancer patients receiving treatment have many things on their plate. So getting complimentary meals during their treatment may not seem like a big deal. Members of Treasured Chests of Monroe County however understand what cancer patients need. That’s why they donated $10,000 to Tomah Health and its oncology patients May 25.

Treasured Chests presents a ceremonial check to Tomah Health providers in nursing and women's health
Tomah Health Chief Nursing Officer Tracy Myhre, MSN, RN, (far left) and hospital Women’s Health and Infusion Services Director Carrie Lord, MSN, RN, RNC-OB, accept a $10,000 donation from Treasured Chests president Stefanie Walker, vice president Denise Prissel, treasurer / secretary Autumn Garrels, and members Sadeana Miller and Ann Schleicher recently. Hospital officials say the donation will provide meals to hospital cancer treatment patients for over a year.

“We are always searching for ways to serve our community for women going though breast cancer and we wanted to find ways to help patients at Tomah Health,” Treasured Chests board member Ann Schleicher said of the donation that will help provide meals to cancer patients at Tomah Health. “We’ve also had some of our members that have benefited through family members who have gone through chemo that had the meals and it was a very nice gesture and we wanted to be part of that.”

Tomah Health Chief Nursing Officer Tracy Myhre, MSN, RN, said the donation will provide meals from the hospital’s Nutrition Services Department to Infusion Department patients for about one year. “It is amazing and such a generous donation,” Myhre said. “It is going to make a huge impact for the patients who come here to get care.”

Myhre said Oncology patients, including those receiving chemotherapy often have a tough battle. “Patients who are going through any type of chemotherapy or any Oncology treatments have so many things to worry about, including things such as money. So providing meals where they don’t have to worry about how to pay for them is important.”

Myhre added that good nutrition is key for patients to get better and back to their everyday life. “Nutrition is what people need to heal, so providing these meals is way of helping these patients heal.” She also said it is a way for the community to say that they care for these patients. “It’s going to impact patients on multiple levels.”

Schleicher said the cancer support organization is able to assist others thanks to its recently held fundraiser, “Ladies Night Out”, which raised over $20,000 to help support their mission. “It’s a great night and people come together to support our cause,” she said. “We have some members of our organization who went through breast cancer, so we’ve had lots of support coming from other people. That’s why we created the organization; to give back. We are honored to be able to do this,” Schleicher added.

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