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Tomah Health Sleep Services Provides Better Night’s Sleep

Tomah resident Kristi Holthaus said she was always tired and felt she could fall asleep no matter the time of day.

That was before she discovered Sleep Services at Tomah Health. “I came to Tomah Health Sleep Services because I was exhausted during the day,” Kristi said.

Kristi was originally diagnosed with sleep apnea. “When I woke up, I was always tired and I felt like I could fall asleep any time during the day if I sat down,” she recalled. “I thought it was just going to be my life. I was just tired and exhausted all the time.”

Sleep Services Advanced Practice Nurse Prescriber Kelly Thayer, FNP-C said typically someone having a sleep disorder feels sleepiness, not feeling rested after sleeping, snoring, and what she described as ‘witnessed apnea’, which means people stop breathing when they’re sleeping. “After people are diagnosed and appropriately treated for sleep apnea, they usually come in just happy that they can sleep, they can drive, they are not falling asleep when they have family events, when they’re doing things with their children. Most people are very pleased with the treatment that they receive.”

Kristi said it did not take long for her to feel rested and refreshed after a night’s sleep. “About a week after I had my BiPap machine, I felt very well rested. I was energetic and felt back to my normal self,” she added.

Tomah Health Sleep Services treat a number of sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy and restless leg syndrome. “We also offer home sleep studies, as well as in-lab sleep studies,” Thayer said.

Kelly said she also can prescribe Sleep equipment and supplies, which can sometimes be a challenge when treating sleep issues. “In treating people with sleep disorders, I feel like I can really help them and it really makes a difference in their life.”

Kristi said she would recommended Tomah Health to others. “The staff here was amazing. They were great; they answered my questions. I would highly recommend Tomah Health Sleep Services.”

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