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4D Ultrasound

The most advanced form of patient ultrasound technology, 4D, is available at Tomah Health.

4D ultrasound is a revolutionary technology offering a dramatic “live view” of your unborn baby. More advanced than 3D still images, our 4D ultrasound delivers a clear view of real-time movements in the womb.

Parents often find 4D ultrasounds to be a powerful, moving experience that enhances the parental bond with their baby, while the medical benefits are notable as well. Because 4D images are in real time and are being constantly updated, your physician will be able to view your baby’s internal anatomy as it moves. 4D imaging can aide in determining development and fetal age, evaluation of multiple and/or high-risk pregnancies, detection of fetal and placental abnormalities, as well as helping to detect or rule out any number of other issues. This increased analysis means you can be confident knowing more about what to expect during your pregnancy.

For more information about 4D ultrasounds at Tomah Health, contact our Imaging Services team at 608-374-0361. 

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