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40 Weeks of Pregnancy

As you get closer and closer to your due date, it probably seems like your baby will never arrive. You’re having a hard time sleeping, your back hurts, your feet are swollen and just when you finally get comfortable, you have to use the bathroom again. Most women are so ready for pregnancy to be over during those final weeks.

But don’t give up with the finish line in sight.

That’s why officials at Tomah Health’s New Beginnings Birth Center are endorsing an educational program aimed at promoting the advantages of full 40 week pregnancies.

“While being done with pregnancy may seem tempting, especially during those last few weeks, inducing labor is associated with increased risks including prematurity, cesarean surgery, hemorrhage and infection,” Tomah Health Obstetrics Department Director Roseanne Ebert said. “Your baby needs a full 40 weeks of pregnancy to grow and develop, and the last few weeks of pregnancy are very important to your baby.”

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