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Simple Steps to a Healthier You

Healthy as an ox? We’d like you to stay that way. Conditions such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes pose serious health risks to men of all ages. Fortunately, a few key preventative measures can ensure your good health for years to come. First, and most importantly, always talk to a doctor if you’re concerned about your health. Men are far less likely than women to visit a doctor and far [...]

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5 Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore

Have you ever noticed that men are diligent about taking their cars in for maintenance or repair? The slightest knock, clank, or clatter and they are off to the mechanic shop. However, men don't always have that same philosophy about personal health issues and their own bodies. In fact, because men put off seeking medical treatment more often than women, they are more likely to die from serious [...]

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4 Common Men’s Health Conditions and How to Prevent Them

A very big book could be written about all the health conditions that men become more susceptible to as they age, but there are four conditions in particular that men are at great risk to be diagnosed with as they advance in years. Here are four common men’s health conditions, risk factors for each, and tips for prevention. 1. Prostate Cancer Prostate cancer is the second most common form of [...]

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