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Why Drinking Enough Water is Essential to Your Health

Understanding that water constitutes 65% of your overall body weight should be reason enough to keep downing those eight 8oz glasses of water daily. Having enough water on board becomes even more important when you realize that your brain is composed of 70% water, your blood is 80% water and your lungs are 90% water. An adequate amount of daily fluid intake is necessary for body systems to work [...]

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10 Instant Tips for a Healthier You Today

When it comes to being healthier, there is no time like the present. You won’t become the face of perfect health overnight, so why try to reinvent your life in a day? You won’t find radical changes in this article and you won’t be nagged to quit long term habits or to make life changing sacrifices. The tips presented in this article are very simple things you can do today to boost your physical [...]

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Dealing with Loss During the Holidays

The loss of a loved one can be painful and especially difficult and overwhelming during the Holidays. Not everyone grieves the same and as the Holidays approach emotions may be different for everyone in your circle of family and friends. As you are surrounded by people most important to you, it will be even more apparent and serve as a reminder that someone is missing. This may be a pivotal [...]

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