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  • Wellness Education - Our Occupational Health program offers a variety of programs that can be tailored specifically for your company’s needs. Pick one, two or more programs ala-carte style or choose from our bundle packages for an all-inclusive health and wellness program designed for you and your employees.
  • Bulletin Board – Each bulletin board, normally brought out to your company on a monthly basis, will include pertinent, personally pro-active information on a relevant health topic. These boards can be interactive and are meant to keep you and your employees up-to-date on continuously changing health topics from Cholesterol and Blood Pressure, to Allergies and Asthma, Nutrition, Foot Health, etc.
  • Healthful Newsletter – A newsletter can be delivered or emailed on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Similar to a bulletin board, newsletters will provide pertinent, personally pro-active information on relevant health topics in order to keep you and your employees up-to-date on continuously changing health topics from Heart Health, Mental Health, Stress Management, Family Health topics, etc.
  • Wellness Presentations –Presentations given at your company to provide you and your employees with information to promote and improve personal health and well-being. Topics could include: the benefits of a flu shot, cancer awareness, effects of tobacco use, bone health, arthritis etc. Available on a monthly or as needed basis.
  • Lunch & Learns –Together we can create a schedule with topics pertinent to your company and our every changing world.
  • Health Fairs – Get creative and let us know what you need. We offer blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose screenings. Possible topics could include: proper nutrition, diabetes, bone health, or stress management. Registered Nurses, Health Educators and therapists available onsite for questions and consultations.
  • Health Risk Assessments with Lab Work – Our TMH lab staff will draw blood for both Cholesterol and Blood Glucose readings/panel. We, the Community Outreach Dept., will then meet with each individual to discuss his/her results. Results can then be sent, with permission, to the individual’s healthcare provider.
  • Personalized Wellness Programs – These programs can be tailored specific to your companies needs and can run anywhere between 3 weeks to 3 months in length. Past Programs include Walking Programs, Smoking Cessation Courses, Weight Loss Programs, and Nutrition Programs.
  • Motivational, Inspirational, & “Survival” Presentations - Is your office/work atmosphere a little stuffy? Do your employees need a morale booster, or is there a reason or accomplishment to celebrate? Let us assist you in the enhancement and preservation of an already energized work force; or have us come to re-energize a stagnant employee population.

Gold Star

  • 2 Personalized Wellness Programs/Year
  • 1 Wellness Presentation/ Month
  • Stretching Program
  • Health Risk Assessments w/ Lab Work +Health Coaching and 1 Follow-up
  • Monthly Wellness Newsletter OR Monthly Wellness Bulletin Board
  • 1 Motivational/ Inspirational Presentation/Year
  • 1 Initial Lunch and Learn

Silver Star

  • 1 Personalized Wellness Program/Year
  • 1 Wellness Presentation/Month<
  • Stretching Program
  • Health Risk Assessments w/ Lab Work +Health Coaching and 1 Follow-up

Bronze Star

  • 1 Wellness Presentation/ Quarterly - can choose to have 1 be a Motivational & Inspirational Presentation
  • Monthly Wellness Bulletin Board OR
    Monthly Wellness Newsletter
  • 1 Health Screening Event to include, blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose screenings.

For more information on our Wellness Education Programs please contact the Community Outreach Department at (608) 374-0211.

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