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  • Onsite Therapy Consultation - A licensed physical or occupational therapist will come to your facility and offer therapy consultations to your employees on an as needed basis. We tailor our schedule to best meet your needs and ensure we are available to all of your shifts and employees. This service helps lower your medical claims by addressing minor aches and pains before they result in time away from work or on-the-job injuries. Our therapists are able to provide specific and practical recommendations because they can observe your employee performing their job duties.
  • Ergonomic Assessment - Ensure that your computer workstations and other stationary work spaces are set up to promote productivity, reduce fatigue, aches and pains and minimize potential for repetitive use conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow. A licensed occupational therapist with specialized training in this area will come to your facility, observe your employees at work and make on-the-spot adjustments or recommendations. A detailed report will also be provided for your future reference.
  • Work Conditioning - An intensive and individualized conditioning program designed to prepare workers returning to physically demanding jobs after an injury or other event that required a prolonged time away from work. Includes in-clinic exercise and body mechanics training performed by a physical or occupational therapist who has received extensive specialized training and is WorkWell certified.
  • Functional Job Analysis - Specialized assessments of the work environment and physical tasks required of your workers with a focus on eliminating risk factors for injuries and maximizing productivity and efficiency. This is the first step of developing a pre-employment musculoskeletal screen and can also assist in developing a daily stretching program.
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations -A standardized test that occurs over one or two days to measure an individual’s maximum safe physical performance levels. Areas tested can include various lifts at different weight levels and heights, pushing, pulling, carrying, climbing, walking, crawling, rotating, bending, tolerance of standing, sitting and elevated work and coordination tests. Other areas can also be added to simulate specific job requirements if the test is being used to provide information regarding returning to work. This test can also be used to aid in establishing disability levels. The test will be performed by an occupational or physical therapist who has received extensive specialized training and is WorkWell certified (can include link to WorkWell site if we want, they provide more info on the training and certification process)
  • Daily Stretching Program – Promote Occupational Health! Our Industrial Rehab therapists will put together a pro-active, injury preventive video with stretches specific to the repetitive motions and actions, of your facility, that pose a risk of injury, chronic pain or disability to you and your employees.
  • Post Offer Pre-Employment Musculoskeletal Screens - A physical test which ensures workers you hire can safely perform the physical requirements of the position you are hiring them for. Includes body mechanics training aimed at injury prevention and is performed by a physical or occupational therapist who has received extensive specialized training and is WorkWell certified. (Businesses who wish to start using this service should also consider having a functional job analysis performed for the positions they wish to use the screen for.)

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