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No one likes to be hospitalized. But when you're admitted to Tomah Health, it’s because it's the best place for you to be at this time.

Your condition will be closely monitored and you’ll have the medical expertise, resources and support important for your recovery.

While you are here, we’ll do everything we can to make your stay comfortable… treating you with the best medical care, dignity and respect to return you home to family and friends.

If you should have a comment or concern, feel free to call our Comment Line at (608) 377-8693 to talk to a member of our Quality Team.

We welcome your comments or questions about Tomah Health.

Mission Statement

To provide superior healthcare services to those who are sick or injured and offer services that support a healthy life.

Vision Statement

To support our mission, we will utilize affordable and most appropriate technology, supported by highly skilled staff and coordinate services with others to meet the needs of each patient.


1). We will define and use best practices and are committed to continuous quality improvement.

2). We will employ staff and collaborate with providers committed to the healing arts and to ‘First Do No Harm’.

3). We will treat everyone with compassion, dignity and respect.

4). We are committed to maintain integrity and professionalism in our work with staff, providers and those we do business with.

5). We value the trust individuals have given us to do the right thing every time and are committed to meeting that trust.

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