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For a Better Night’s Sleep

Kelly Thayer, Sleep Medicine Nurse Practitioner, left and Kristi Holthaus, Sleep Services Patient


It is estimated that one in five adults have sleep disordered breathing and 80% are unaware and go untreated. Our accredited Sleep Services can help diagnose various sleep disorders like sleep apnea, insomnia, and restless leg syndrome through our on-site sleep studies.

Our Sleep Services include: sleep consultations, Telehealth option, overnight sleep studies, diagnosis, follow up & treatment, and CPAP / BiPAP equipment & supplies by prescription. Patients may self-refer (Telehealth is an available option for our Sleep Services.

You can connect with our staff from the comfort of your home for Sleep appointments. Contact our staff for this convenient option. 608.377.8224)


“About a week after I had my BiPAP machine, I felt very well rested. I was energetic and felt back to my normal self.”
-Kristi Holthaus, Sleep Services patient.


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